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new-top-edge-and-slotsClimawin is now available in Wood & Aluminum.


Climawin--Schematic-House--no-textClimawin is both a window and a fresh air ventilation system.

The System

the-system-exteriorClimawin can save 20%  of your annual energy costs.

Saving Energy


Climawin is an integrated ventilation & window system that uses heat normally lost through a window to bring in and preheat fresh air to increase comfort. In hotter regions it can aslo assist transmisison of daylight without unwanted solar gain.

A typical house fitted with the Climawin system alone will reduce its annual energy bill by 20% and costs less than comparable window and ventilation solutions combinations.

Heat Recovery

Climawin can recover 50% of the heat needed to make outside air comfortable on its way in, and on southern facades this rises to become a net heat gain.

Climawin uses electronically controlled valves and flaps to regulate the air coming in, maximising heat recovery and preventing condensation.

Renovation or New Build

Climawin is ideal for renovation, including widow replacement only projects, and suits new build construction also.


Climawin is self-powered and requires no wiring.

Available Now

Climawin is designed and produced in Denmark and Germany and is available throughout Europe.

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