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Climawin is available in Wood and Aluminum / Aluclad from our Danish and German partners.



The original Ventilation window by Horn Vinduer from which the whole Climawin concept has evolved was produced in slow grown Scandinavian wood. The next generation Climawin wood and wood composite windows build on this great tradition.


Climawin is now available in Aluclad wood and Aluminum offering customers a full range of architectural and aesthetic possibilities.

U Values

Measured statically Climawin has U Values in the region of  0.07 to 0.09  W/m2K. However effective (as experienced in practice) these improve dramatically giving negative U Values (i.e. net heat gain) over a given period, especially on South-facing facades.

Climawin – A Part of a System

Often ventilation requirements in a home or other building can be met without all windows needing to be Climawin, so it is important that Climawin units integrate functionally and visually with other windows. Climawin windows are designed to have profiles and materials that match nearby conventional windows and are all supplied as one solution by the licensed manufacturer.

Tests and Certifications

The Climawin system has been developed in association with The Fraunhofer Institute, Germany, one of the world’s most eminent building physics research centres. Fraunhofer is an approved laboratory for the certification of windows and has tested Climawin for all physical criteria and overall energy performance.